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“Having trained with the LSSM (London School of Sports Massage) 11 years ago, I have considerable experience treating patients from all walks of life: from competitive athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and the general public alike. As a therapist I specialise in remedial and soft tissue therapy for pain, stress and injury. This means I aim to heal damage soft tissue, which is muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. From neck ache, back pain, a sprained ankle or a chronic hip complaint – my work is always intentional, using my knowledge and skills to find the root cause and ultimately restore balance to the body.

While my main focus is always remedial, I also take great care in creating a tranquil and pleasant treatment room. I only use natural oils and provide extra touches like a heated couch and complimentary mineral water.”



I went to Natasha after 6 years of Epidurals which lasted 3 months, I was walking with a stick, and in constant pain, so decided to ask Natasha if she would be willing to try and sort my back out,

For 6 weeks i had intensive treatment, just once a week for 1 hour, it was painful but after 3 treatments the improvement was amazing, i have thrown away my stick, the last time i had an Epidural was Feb 2012.

I can throughly recommend Natasha she always does her best for her patients taking time to get a clear picture of the patients needs before starting any treatment.

Olive Howard

I have had the pleasure of working with Natasha and also receiving massage treatments from her. She was a popular therapist when working in my chiropractic clinic where I confidently referred clients for massage. I found her to be an honest and easy colleague to work with.

She was also able to help in my management of some of my own muscle issues with a good level of success.

I have no hesitation in recommending her as an experienced, skilled and able massage therapist with a friendly, professional approach.

Jonathan Melhuish

I have been seeing Natasha for over 5 years and i highly recommend her. I first visited her with a lower back issue, having given up on chiropractors. She had me upright and corrected my posture in one session, time and time again over the years. Eventually I took note of the exercises she recommended and have been able to maintain a good core strength since. I now mainly visit Natasha for a deep tissue massage to relieve all those aches, pains and knots relating to stress. She is a real gem, easy to get along with and full of good advice.

Mark Whitting
Lead Mechanical Designer