“Just seen Natasha for the second time, I suspect she may be one of the best therapists I have ever met.”                                                                                                                                  Chris Ardill – Bournemouth

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Having trained with the LSSM (London School of Sports Massage) 13 years ago, I have considerable experience treating patients from all walks of life: from competitive athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and the general public alike. As a therapist I specialise in remedial and soft tissue therapy for pain, stress and injury. This means I aim to heal damage soft tissue, from neck ache, back pain, a sprained ankle or a chronic hip complaint – my work is always intentional, using my knowledge and skills to find the root cause and ultimately restore balance to the body.

While my main focus is always remedial, I also take great care to plan the treatment time with your specific goals in mind, and I also provide you with the option of incorporating world class CPTG Essential Oils into your treatment (these aid recovery, lymphatic support, detox, enhance the treatment effectiveness and leave you feeling great!).

We’re here to help you recover from soft tissue pain, stress and injury. We aim to work with you to achieve your goals; and don’t worry, your goals can be whatever is important to YOU. Whether that’s an ultra marathon event, a weekend hobby, improving your daily quality of life, or to just feel better in your own skin. We are here and happy to help you, cheering you on and pushing you closer towards your BEST health possible. It’s our privilege to serve you and we even have package deals and a flexible online booking system to make it as easy as possible.

At NK Massage we offer you the extra touches with the highest quality oils, a private changing area, a luxurious heated couch, complimentary mineral water and freshly laundered towels. We truly believe exceptional treatment is born out of listening, paying attention and guiding you towards your best health possible.  We’re not satisfied with hoping you’ll be fit at 90, we want to do all within our power to help you grasp vibrant health, and keep it!