Injury Treatment

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Sprain and Strains?
Stiffness and Backache?
Tension and Stress?
Sports Injury?
 Speed through recovery with Sports Massage

Thoughts from Natasha:

“Injuries are no fun whatsoever. I see many patients  who walk into my clinic in a dismal state. Their injury has completely shattered any hopes of competing, or continuing a keen exercise regime; they feel frustrated and desperate to heal quickly. Thankfully, through my treatment I am able to offer them hope. I strive for complete recovery, thorough assessment, excellent massage skills and techniques with FAST result.”

Sports Massage for Injury Treatment:

  • Assessment of root cause, imbalance and posture.
  • Repair damaged muscles.
  • Improve tendon and ligament strains.
  • Release the connective tissue (fascia).
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Re-train posture and movement patterns.
  • Advice on strengthening and condition muscles
  • Improve endurance and performance
  • Increase energy levels

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