Wellness is not an Accident.

7 August 2017

What does wellness mean to you? At NK Massage, we believe in helping you find your best, most vibrant health possible- and keep it! Your health and wellness are crucially important to your soft tissue/sports massage therapy. We may provide you with the best treatment possible, but without excellent...

Selfish or Self-Love..?

12 June 2017

You don’t want to be selfish. You don’t want to complain. We get it…we help people just like you everyday. You live with your pain, bury it way deep down and keep on, keeping on. Just hoping it will ‘go away’. And what happens..? It doesn’t. Right? Right. At NK...


20 May 2017

If you LOVE natural health and wellness, we have the perfect gift for you. Our essential oil trio contains: 5ml Lavender 5ml Lemon 5ml Peppermint   BUY your package of 12 now and get this kit FREE (worth £20)

Natural Family Wellness

20 May 2017

For general use, a popular kits is the Family Physician® + Slim & Sassy Kit. £115 include vat & postage, join & save here to purchase this kit. This kit contains: Lavender (all round oil good for skin, muscle relaxation and repair) Melaleuca/Tea Tree (fights any infections and is particularly...

The Natural Alternative to Deep Heat®.

8 May 2017

Deep Blue Rub is a signature blend from doTERRA, and we are privileged to have access to this amazing product at NK Massage. The potent ingredients are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil, including: Wintergreen Camphor Peppermint Ylang Ylang Helichrysum Blue Tansy Blue Chamomile Osmanthus These oils are specifically...

Sleep Inducing Bath Oil

17 February 2017

This blend of essential oils is a complete classic. Frankincense is an extremely prized essential oil, and while expensive, has the most amazing health promoting qualities. Here’s a few perks you might expect to notice when you begin using your doTERRA Frankincense oil: Aids Arthritis Reduced Inflammation and muscle pain...

Pain Prevention – Better than Cure?

10 January 2017

New year. Upping the miles. Starting to get serious with the gym. Making your body ache in places you didnt even know existed. Sound familiar? Well, if I can be so bold as to add my two cents… don’t overestimate the amount of exercise your body can go through before...