#3| Five Ways your body says “Sports Massage please!”

22 November 2017

#3| Five Ways your body says “Sports Massage please!” image

Check out this video from earlier today (click here)

Today we are thinking outside the box 🙂

Your Health.

Think about it. When do you focus on your health?

Well, I’ve asked this question at lots of workshops and events, and the majority of people answer, ‘when I am sick’.

Now, that’s good…we need to get better, so it make sense we focus on our health when we are unwell. But, today I’d love for you to think a little bit bigger. In fact, I want you to picture your BEST health possible…

What does that look like to you?



Healthy immune system, that doesn’t catch every cold going?

Pain free?

Deep Sleeper?

Enjoying great food and the outdoors?


Well, obviously only YOU can achieve that level of health for yourself. But the challenge today is to *think* about it.

Pro-active health care is actually very simple concept: ‘work out what vibrant health looks like to you and make a plan to achieve it’.

Simple, right?

…well, that’s where we come in. As you strive to do well for your body, booking regular treatment at NK Massage will help with many more areas than muscle injury. These include detoxing the body, strengthening the immune system, aiding a deeper nights sleep, and lowering stress hormones, preventing injury, to name a few.

Plus, participate in our Wellness Product Challenge which will open on Black Friday (limited space available, so message/comment to take part)

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