Is Sports Massage / Soft Tissue Therapy right for me?

28 June 2017

Is Sports Massage / Soft Tissue Therapy right for me? image

This is an excellent question everyone should ask themselves when seeking to find the right type of treatment. Here’s a few points to consider, before booking your session at NK Massage.

Do you have a ‘Soft Tissue’ Injury?

The type of injury we can help you recover from is damage to the ‘soft tissue’. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue). The injury does not need to be related to sports, we help people from all walks of life and all ages.

Are you suffering from Stress?

We can actually help your stress levels, if they are hindering your movement and causing you to hold tension within your soft tissue fibers. Commonly we see this type of stress presented in the neck and back as tension/pain. If you feel ‘stressed’ and have muscle aches and pains, which you can’t seem to shift – then this type of stress can be aided with Sports Massage /Soft Tissue Therapy.

Are you in Pain?

Pain is very subjective. The type of pain we can help you with includes that ‘dull ache’, like you get after a long drive sitting in the car. Pain can also be experienced if you are repeating movement patterns, for example playing the piano can cause pain in your hand, or gardening can create pain in your legs and back. These pains are warning signs that your body needs help….please don’t ignore them.

If you would like to book in with us, we offer a 70 minute initial assessment, which includes time to find out about you and create a unique treatment plan focusing on your goals and needs, as well as a full length treatment.

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